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We are excited to announce the successful completion of our Data Science Bootcamp 2.0, which was held from March 14th to April 28th, 2023. Our participants had a fantastic experience during the program, and we want to take a moment to congratulate them on their successful completion.
The bootcamp was an intensive training program designed to provide participants with a strong foundation in data science. The training sessions were thorough and covered various topics, including data analysis, data visualization, powerBi, and deep learning. The participants were also given class assignments and course works to help them practice and apply what they had learned during the training sessions.
One of the highlights of the bootcamp was the final group presentations. The participants were divided into ten groups, and each group was assigned a topic related to a specific sector. The sectors included education, automobile, health, sports, social media (YouTube and Twitter), entertainment (Netflix), technology, and agriculture, and politics. The participants had to analyze the data related to their assigned sector and present their findings to the class.
The presentations were well-researched, and the participants showcased their analytical and presentation skills. We were impressed by the level of detail and creativity the participants put into their presentations. We have no doubt that they will be successful in their future endeavors.
We were delighted to have the stakeholders of Dare Adeboye Foundation and The Incubator Nigeria present at the final day of the bootcamp in person of Pastor Leke Adeboye, Pastor Oluwafemi Oyetunde and many other important personnels. They commended the participants on their hard work and encouraged them to continue to pursue excellence in their chosen fields.
The final day of the bootcamp was also a day of fun and camaraderie, as the participants, special guests, and the incubator team took group photographs together to capture the memories of the program.
We want to thank all our participants for attending the bootcamp and for their hard work and dedication throughout the program. We also want to encourage them to continue to follow us on all our social media platforms and share their experiences and moments in class with their friends and family, tagging us with our social media handles.
Finally, we want to remind everyone that the skills acquired during the bootcamp are only the beginning of a journey towards becoming a proficient data scientist. We will be passing subsequent information across through further communications coming up at a later date to support the participants on their journey to becoming world-class data scientists.
Once again, congratulations to our Data Science Bootcamp 2.0 participants! We look forward to hearing about the amazing things they will accomplish in the future.

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